With more than 60 majors and 51 minors, not to mention double-majors and majors with special emphasis, we have countless academic options for you to choose from. And our liberal arts education will give you a foundation of values, knowledge and thinking skills to succeed in just about any field.


Don't know what you want to do yet? You're not alone, and we have specific information if you can't decide on a major right now. Two out of three college students change their major at least once. You'll experience a lot before you have to declare a major at the end of your sophomore year. In addition, your academic adviser and our Career Services Office will help you make the best decisions possible as you plan your career.


We also have information if you've been home-schooled or are interested in our Honors Program.

If you're thinking of a music major, you should review these audition requirements.

Course requirements for all majors can be found in our Online Course Bulletin.