• Master of Music in Music Education with Jazz Pedagogy Emphasis
Jazz Pedagogy Emphasis
  • The principal goal of this graduate degree in jazz pedagogy is to provide students with a practical education of the highest quality.  It is designed as a summer-only program for music educators who wish to focus
    on developing their skills in a program of study that is based upon theory, nomenclature and practices of jazz.

    Program Dates:

    Session I, June 22 - July 10, 2015

    Session II, July 13 - July 24, 2015

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    Curriculum Requirements


     Music Education
    12 credits

    Music Courses
    12 credits


    8 -10 credits chosen from this list

    Total Credits
     ED 601, Educational Psychology in the Music Classroom (3)  MM 620 World Music Seminar (2)  MM 602 Ensembles (2 @ 1 credit each) 32-34 semester
    hour credits
     ED 602, Research in Music Education (3)  MM 625 Seminar in Musical Styles and Application (2)  MM 604, Seminar in Arts Business and Administration (2)
     MM 603 Foundations of Music Education (2)  MM 636 Seminar in Jazz/Contemporary Theory/Aural Skills (2)  MM 638 Seminar in Jazz Composition (2) 
     MM 670 Final Project (4)  MM 637 Seminar in Jazz Improvisation (2)  MM 639 Seminar in Jazz Arranging (2)
       MM 656 Seminar in Musical Leadership (2)  MM 657 Complete Band Workshop (2)
       MM 658 Seminar in Rhythm Section Techniques (1)  MM 681, Applied Instrument or Voice Studio Instruction (1-2)
       MM 672 Music Technology Seminar (2)  MM 685 Special Topics in Jazz Pedagogy (2-4)
         MM 686 Brass Instrument Pedagogy (2)
         MM 687 Woodwind Instrument Pedagogy (2) 
         MM 688 Percussion Instrument Pedagogy (2)      
         MM 689 String Instrument Pedagogy (2)     
         MM 693 Special Topics in Music (2)


    Additional courses may be added, subject to approval by the department and dean.

    Remedial courses, enrollment requirement determined by entrance examinations (non-degree)

    The Jazz Pedagogy emphasis requires diagnostic testing to determine competency in theory and music history. Subsequent courses for review are offered at the 500 credit level to students needing to deepen and expand requisite knowledge for graduate study. These courses are required but do not carry graduation credit.
    • MM 503 Jazz/Contemporary Theory, Aural and Improvisational Skills (2)
    • MM 504 Remedial Jazz History and Literature