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    • Active Aging

      Maestro David Dworkin
      Older but Bolder Series Continues with CONDUCTORCISE Sept. 28

      With a continued focus on active aging, Capital University’s Nursing Program will present Maestro David Dworkin and CONDUCTORCISE, another installment in its Older but Bolder series at 7 pm Thursday, September 28, in The Capital Cente...

    • Class Notes with Stephanie Schwarten

      Stephanie Schwarten
      Aspiring novelist shares motivation and passion for writing.

      The cliché is often the first obstacle a writer must overcome. No matter how compelling the subject, a story told from the same lens each time starts to become as vapid as a piece of over-chewed gum. Capital University senior Stephanie Schwarten is a Professional Writing major who is also in the process of writing a novel which she hopes will offer a counter perspective to victims of sexual assault, a topic she has spent many hours researching....

    • Summer Scholar Valerie Szabo debunks fake news with fact-checking technology and research

      Valerie Szabo

      From adolescence through adulthood,  we’re observing a generation who appears remarkably fluent in multi-tasking. They weave through social media sites effortlessly, text friends with lightning speed, and journal nearly every hour of their lives through the lens of a smartphone. Collectively, we’re Generation Tech.But we’re also finding out that, despite having endless access to information, Generation Tech is becoming increasingly clueless when it comes to filtering accuracy and trustworthiness in the 24/7/365 news cycle afforded by modern technology.That’s the topical space where Valerie Szabo, a rising senior at Capital University, is spending her summer as part of a 10-week research project. She is one of eight Capital students who have been awarded the honor of Summer Scholar, participating in a high-impact program offered here, which allows students to conduct their own research on campus with a faculty mentor....

    • Devoted to making the world better by educating children

      Trevon Fout
      By Shawntel Knight

      Trevon Fout spent his first year at Capital in his residence hall, away from others. He did not like talking to other people and was very introverted. He decided to step out of the shadows sophomore year and become an orientation leader....

    • Volunteering with the White House Press

      Amber Thomas
      By Amber Thomas ’16, Communications/PR major

      Volunteering with the White House Press By Amber Thomas ’16, Communications/PR major Excitement and anxiousness filled the air Tuesday afternoon, November 1, 2016, as Capital University served as the venue for President Barack Obama`s “Get Out the Early Vote” event. About 6,000 people filed into ...

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