Help New Students Transition To Capital August 22: Volunteer Opportunities Now Available

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013



Capital University will welcome the class of 2017 to campus Thursday, August 22, and with each hopeful new face that arrives on Capital's campus comes a new opportunity to help a student succeed. That's nearly 800 opportunities. So we need your help.   

Carry a box or help direct foot traffic during move-in. Answer frequently asked questions at an information table. (Don't worry, we made a cheat sheet.) Help a lost family find its way around campus or give a bottle of water to someone who's thirsty. Most importantly, if someone looks lost, confused or insecure, engage them and help them find their way. We all play a role in helping students succeed.

So mark your calendars. Put on your purple and white, and be part of our campus tradition of welcoming in the new class. Here's a schedule of events, followed by volunteer needs.


8 am – Kickoff

New student move-in begins at 8 am, but things really get moving at about 9. Volunteers are needed to carry boxes and other items. We'll leave the heavy lifting to ROTC and Capital student-athletes. (Make sure you thank them next time you see them.) But your help is still needed — if only to visually demonstrate everyone's commitment to students from the day they arrive. Email Subject line: "Move-in" 


8 am to 2 pm – Information Stations

Capital staff, quick with a smile and a few kind words, will be available at an information table on the Plaza to answer frequently asked questions, help people find their way, and distribute bottled water. Volunteers are needed for two-hour shifts from 8 am to 2 pm. Email Subject line: "Info tables"


Noon – Volunteer Lunch

Volunteers should join us for lunch as a thank-you for helping our new class. Pizza, salad and refreshments will be served in Hasecke Boardroom, located on the top floor of Yochum Hall. Drop in, and then walk over to The Capital Center to help set programs on chairs in the Performance Arena. 


2:30 pm – Opening Ceremony Ushering

At 2:30 pm, head over early to The Capital Center Performance Arena for the official Opening Ceremony. Volunteers are needed to serve as ushers, helping people find the appropriate seats for Opening Ceremony. (The bleachers will be reserved for staff and parent seating) Email Sarah Norviel at Subject line: "Usher for Opening Ceremony" 


3 pm – Opening Ceremony

Capital students, parents, faculty (in regalia), administrators and staff will come together to celebrate the start of the 2013-2014 academic year with an Opening Ceremony. Faculty Marshal Dr. Tom Maroukis will lead the academic processional at 3 pm (faculty lineup is at 2:45 in The Capital Center Field House).  

Following the recessional, the faculty and stage party will lead the new class out of The Capital Center through the Pleasant Ridge Avenue doors, process along Main Street, and enter Memorial Gateway. Parents will be directed to follow orientation leaders and Cappie out the Mound Street exit of The Capital Center and through campus to meet the new class on the inside of the gate. 


3:15 pm – Memorial Gateway Procession Guide

Volunteers are needed to help guide and organize people, and to distribute bottled water to the faculty, during the student procession through Memorial Gateway. Email Sarah Norviel at Subject line: "Memorial Gateway Procession" 

Following the procession through Memorial Gateway, join us for the Cap Family Barbecue in Saylor-Ackermann quad. Capital students Spencer Saylor, Chris Jamison and Matthiessen Nisch Quan will perform.

View the full orientation schedule (PDF).  

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