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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

News-Passion-Project-LogoCapital University's Sigma Alpha Beta invites campus and surrounding community members to share their passion during the culminating event of the group's Passion Project Thursday, April 25, from noon to 7 pm on the plaza.

The co-ed fraternity will hold a participatory art event Thursday near Reflections fountain during which members of the community can share their passion by writing about or sketching it on a "Share Wall," a 13-foot temporary structure constructed for the event. The structure, made out of plywood, will be built in the shape of the Hebrew word for "fire," the symbol used in SAB's logo.

According to Kevin Smith, Passion Project co-leader, the philanthropy project was born from the fraternity's belief that passion is more than an emotion; it's a powerful force — a tool that inspires action over passivism, and it can be used for good if it's discovered.

“The power of passion is what we hope to harness with this project," Smith said. "Passion is the human emotion most likely to ignite change."

In support of its Passion Project, Sigma Alpha Beta has organized events to help people find their passion; find ways to use passion to improve the world; and help people share their passion with others. Activities have included education about injustices around the world, connecting people with non-profit organizations that seek to right those injustices, creating opportunities for fellowship, blogging about passionate people on and off campus to inspire others and more.

The point of it all is to end apathy and foster passion in others, to move people to act, to allow others to witness that action and be inspired to act themselves, thereby creating a "cycle of passion," Smith explained. 


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For more information about Thursday's concluding event, contact Smith at


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