Capital University Announces Students with Academic Distinction for Fall 2012 Semester

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Capital University has announced the names of students who achieved academic distinction during the fall 2012 semester.News-Generic-Honors-175x240

Capital has three lists denoting academic distinction among full-time, degree-seeking students — the President’s List, Provost’s List, and Dean’s List.

To be named to the President’s List (PRSL), students must have achieved a grade point average of at least 3.85. To be named to the Provost’s List (PRVL), students must have achieved a GPA of at least 3.70, and to be named to the Dean’s List (DL), they must have achieved a GPA of at least 3.5.

Download and search this document (PDF) to find students from your area who achieved this honor. The list is sorted by ZIP code, state, city, student name and level of academic distinction. Only students who have authorized the release of student directory information are included on this list.

Family members and students can download a PDF version of Capital's official news release and the academic distinction list and submit them directly to the community newspaper(s) of their choice. 


Located in the Columbus, Ohio, neighborhood of Bexley, Capital University is a private, four-year undergraduate institution and graduate school. Capital prepares students for meaningful lives and purposeful careers through a relevant liberal arts core curriculum and deep professional programs. Influenced by its Lutheran heritage, Capital places great emphasis on the free and open exchange of ideas, seeking out diverse perspectives, active participation in society, leadership and service. With a focus on rigor and experiential learning, the University capitalizes on its size, location, and heritage to develop the whole person, both inside and outside the classroom.   



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