The Schumacher Gallery To Open 2013-2014 with 'Presence: A Dialogue with the Human Form'

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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

News-Presence-Sweep-252Capital University’s Schumacher Gallery is proud to present Presence: A Dialogue with the Human Form, opening Monday, September 9, and running through Thursday, October 17. 


Reminder: A Meet-the-Artists Opening Reception will take place on Friday, September 20, from 5 to 7:30 pm. For more information, please call 614-236-6319 or visit

Since the dawn of art and creative activity, artists have been naturally inclined to adopt the human figure as subject matter. In our contemporary times it still remains a source of inspiration and a vital tool of symbolism.

For the artist and viewer alike, when we engage an artwork to seek out what it has to offer, we find that the figure is a common vehicle for information. It is the human presence within a work that enables us to psychologically project ourselves into the piece, thereby taking part in the experience of the work in a sympathetic or empathetic manner.

Presence brings together the work of practicing artists who incorporate the human figure in a variety of ways. From individual parts to the body in its entirety, the human form has a diverse dialogue all its own.

News-Presence-Uprooted-252The figure within a work has the ability to delve into the various dimensions of our character, to bring into question issues of individual and cultural identity that rekindle our curiosity regarding our place and purpose in the world. From the literal to the allegorical, Presence explores the human condition on many levels, shedding light on the broad spectrum of the human experience.

The exhibition is curated by Casey Bradley, studio manager and instructor of dimensional studies, Columbus College of Art and Design.

The Schumacher Gallery's Permanent Collections offer a wonderfully diverse selection of more than 2500 works for study and enjoyment. These collections encompass 2000 years of cultural history. Since the Gallery's inception in 1964, hundreds of donors have provided objects of art, funds and services to create this important cultural legacy. 


The gallery is located on the top floor of the Blackmore Library on Capital's Bexley campus, 1 College and Main.

Located in the Columbus, Ohio, community of Bexley, Capital University is a private, four-year undergraduate institution and graduate school. Capital prepares students for meaningful lives and purposeful careers through a relevant liberal arts core curriculum and deep professional programs. Influenced by its Lutheran heritage, Capital places great emphasis on the free and open exchange of ideas, seeking out diverse perspectives, active participation in society, leadership and service. With a focus on rigor and experiential learning, the University capitalizes on its size, location, and heritage to develop the whole person, both inside and outside the classroom.      


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