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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The air is crisp, and the fall colors are spectacular. With campus looking its best, it’s time to update our supply of photos and video. Capital University will bring photographers and videographers to campus periodically in the next few weeks to take candid photos that capture campus life. Videographers with Brainstorm Media will be on campus Friday, October 25, at various locations, all of which will be outside. A general list of times and locations follows:



  • Schaaf Hall (sand volleyball courts) 
  • College Avenue Residence Hall  
  • Alumni House 
  • Reflections fountains and the plaza 
  • Saylor-Ackermann Hall 
  • Mees Hall  
  • The Capital Green (East Main Street and College Avenue)  
  • Main Street between College and Pleasant Ridge avenues  


  • Memorial Gateway  
  • Blackmore Library entrance  
  • St. Anthony statue  
  • Arches at the Ruff Memorial Learning Center (from the quad) 
  • Troutman Hall (from the quad)  
  • Kerns Religious LIfe Center  
  • The Capital Center 
  • Victory Bell at The Capital Center  
  • Admission and Welcome Center 


For more information, please contact Publications and Marketing, at 236-6196, or Media Relations and Communications, at 236-6945. 

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