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Cadet Resources
  • Below are links to information and resources for current and prospective Capital University ROTC Cadets.


    Capital ROTC Cadet Handbook

    This is the No. 1 resource for all Crusaders. It explains all our standard operating procedures, explains the duties and responsibilities of each battalion leader/staff position, discusses all our programs and training opportunities. It is the first place a cadet should look when put in charge of a lab or special event such as color guard, hockey parking or the military ball. All contracted cadets should be very familiar with the contents of this handbook.

    Cadet Command Regulation CCR-670-1: Uniform Wear and Appearance,

    PDF file of Cadet Officer-NCO Rank Insignia

    PDF file of US Army Regulation 670-1: Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia

    Cadet Command Pamphlet on the Dining In/Military Ball

    Good source of information for the conduct of our Military Ball

    Cadet Command Traditions

    Information on the Cadet Creed and other aspects of ROTC

    Administrative Documents - To be returned to the HRT or Program Coordiantor in SA - B1

    Cadet Command Form 104-R

    Instructions for Completeing the 104-R

    Cadet Command Form 218-R

    SF 86

    Military Science Course Listings

    All cadets need to register for their respective Military Science courses whether or not credit is needed toward your overall graduation requirements.

    Freshman Fall Semester
    MS 111 - Leadership and Personal Development - 2 credit hrs.

    Freshman Spring Semester
    MS 112 - Intro to Tactical Leadership -2 credit hrs.

    Sophomore Fall Semester
    MS 211 - Innovative Team Leadership - 3 credit hrs.

    Sophomore Spring Semester
    MS 212 - Foundation of Tactical Leadership - 3 credit hrs.

    Junior Fall Semester
    MS 311 - Adaptive Tactical Leadership - 3 credit hrs.

    Junior Spring Semester
    MS 312 - Leadership in Changing Environment -3 credit hrs.

    Junior Summer Semester
    MS 313 - Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) - 3 credit hrs.

    Senior Fall Semester
    MS 411 - Developing Adaptive Leaders - 3 credit hrs.

    Senior Spring Semester
    MS 412 - Leadership in a Complete World - 3 credit hrs.