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  • Training is the most important part of a cadet's life as a member of Capital University's Crusader Battalion. Cadets at Capital have numerous opportunities to train on campus or with the active duty military, Army National Guard or Army Reserve. Throughout your experience at Capital you can challenge yourself with physical fitness training, military science coursework, extracurricular activities, military science clubs and summer training/internships. Click here to see cadets currently in training.

    Leader Development and Assessment Course

    All contracted cadets must complete the five-week Leader Development and Assessment Course (LDAC) at Fort Lewis, Washington. This is normally done during the summer between a cadet's junior and senior year and it is required prior to his or her appointment as a commissioned officer. This training supplements campus instruction by providing practical leadership experience in the form of problem analysis, decision-making and small group leadership experiences. This course is an intense experience that matures and shapes each individual. Cadets are paid for this training and transportation, food, shelter, clothing and other basic necessities are provided by the U.S. Army.


    For more information on LDAC, click here.
    Or watch these videos: LDAC 30s, LDAC 60s

    Leader's Training Course

    The Leader's Training Course (LTC) is a course designed to give credit for the first two years of ROTC for those students that wish to enter the program in their junior year. Upon completion of the program, cadets will be invited to contract into the commissioning program. Numerous scholarships are awarded based off of performance at LTC. Cadets are paid for this training and all basic necessities, transportation and equipment are provided by the U.S. Army.

    For more information on LTC, click here.
    Or watch these videos: LTC 30s, LTC 60s, LTC 3min