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About the Education Program
  • The Teacher Education Program

    The mission of the teacher education program at Capital University is to prepare competent, caring and committed professional educators who use theory, research and reflection to teach, lead and serve diverse communities of learners.

    Teacher Education Program Accreditation

    The teacher education program at Capital University is accredited by:

    • National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) (accreditation report)
    • Ohio Department of Education (ODE)

    Capital University as a whole is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. The Conservatory of Music is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.

    Education Department Mission Statement

    Teacher education candidates must be competent in subject-matter and pedagogical knowledge and theory. They must integrate and use their theoretical knowledge and pedagogical skills in caring ways to facilitate the learning of all students. They must demonstrate commitment to reflecting on and analyzing their work in advancing student learning. The Unit’s mission is to prepare competent, caring, committed professionals to teach, lead, and serve diverse communities of learners.

    Philosophy, Purposes, and Goals of the Unit

    The university and the unit strive to offer a personalized learning environment with a focus on excellent teaching and advising. Faculty are committed to using multiple approaches to teaching and modeling caring and commitment. They assist students to develop as learners and professional educators. Unit faculty are dedicated to ongoing professional development around educational policies and practices so as to provide a meaningful professional development program for candidates. The unit faculty have established strong partnerships and collegial relationships with P-12 constituents and other professional colleagues. The following goals for candidates provide the foundation for the commitment and work of the unit:

    • Demonstrate thorough knowledge and understanding of the subject(s) to be taught
    • Engage in critical inquiry to impact professional practice
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the teaching-learning relationship
    • Demonstrate effective and culturally responsive practices to support the achievement of all students
    • Utilize a variety of tools to clearly and effectively communicate
    • Demonstrate effective use of technology in professional practice
    • Demonstrate professional involvement
    • Apply ethics and values in professional decision-making
    • Understand and use varied assessments to inform instruction, evaluate and ensure student learning