• Academic approach at Capital University
Academic Approach
  • Our approach is to you as a whole person, helping you developing skills to examine ethical and cultural assumptions. We’re committed to your liberal education and you should know why. This type of education prepares your mind and spirit for all aspects of life: work, home, business, community and elsewhere.

    We’ll show you how to think critically to be thoughtful and reflective on vocation, citizenship, service and religious and ethical commitments. These skills are not only essential to a rewarding life, but in high demand in our information-driven marketplace. Employers seek out those who have been trained to be visionaries. You can be trained to see beyond the literal. Part of success is being able to see what does not yet exist.

    Our General Education program will help you do that. It’s organized around five themes.

    • Intellectual Skills
    • Living in the Contemporary World
    • Modes of Inquiry
    • Interpreting Texts and Images
    • Ethical Thought