Academic Calendar
  • Traditional Academic Calendar

    This calendar reflects dates for traditional undergraduate courses.  Dates for other programs may vary.  

    A more detailed calendar, including add/drop deadlines, schedule posting, registration dates, etc. is available on the Registrar's landing page.


    » View the academic calendar for the MBA program online.  

    » Download the tentative 5-year academic calendar (PDF). 


    Traditional Academic Calendar for First Semester
    First Semester  2012-2013 2013-2014
    Classes Begin August 27 (Mon) August 26 (Mon)
    Labor Day (No Classes) September 3 (Mon) September 2 (Mon)
    MOD I Ends October 18 (Thurs) October 17 (Thurs)
    Midterm Break October 19 (Fri) October 18 (Fri)
    Classes Resume October 22 (Mon) October 21 (Mon)
    MOD II Begins October 22 (Mon) October 21 (Mon)
    Thanksgiving Recess Begins After Last Class November 20 (Tues) November 26 (Tues)
    Thanksgiving November 22 (Thurs) November 28 (Thurs)
    Classes Resume November 26 (Mon) December 2 (Mon)
    Classes End December 7 (Fri) December 6 (Fri)
    Final Examination Period December 10-13 (Mon-Thurs) December 9-12 (Mon - Thurs)
    Semester Ends December 13 (Thurs) December 12 (Thurs)

    Traditional Academic Calendar for Second Semester
    Second Semester  2012-2013 2013-2014
    Classes Begin January 7 (Mon) January 6 (Mon)
    Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Learning - (classes suspended 8am - 4pm) Jan 21 (Mon) Jan 20 (Mon)
    MOD I Ends February 22 (Fri) February 21 (Fri)
    Midterm Break Begins After Last Class February 22 (Fri) February 22 (Sat)
    Classes Resume March 4 (Mon) March 3 (Mon)
    MOD II Begins March 4 (Mon) March 3 (Mon)
    Easter Recess begins After Last Class - (MBA classes meet through Easter Break) March 27 (Wed) April 16 (Wed)
    Easter March 31 (Sun) April 20 (Sun)
    Classes Resume April 2 (Tues) April 21 (Mon)
    Classes End April 26 (Fri) April 22 (Tue)
    Reading Day (Reading day/Night exams begin)   April 23 (Wed)
    Final Examination Period begins with Wednesday night classes April 29-May 2 (Mon-Thurs) April 23 (Wed)
    Final Examination Period    April 24 (Thur) & April 25 (Fri)
    Final Examination Period continues   April 28 (Mon) & April 29 (Tues)
    Semester Ends May 2 (Thurs) April 29 (Tues)
    Commencement May 4 (Sat) May 3 (Sat)

    Traditional Academic Calendar for Summer Session
    Summer Session  2013 2014
    MBA Summer Session I Begins May 6 (Mon) May 5 (Mon)
    Traditional Undergraduate Summer Session I Begins May 13 (Mon) May 12 (Mon)
    MSN Summer Session Begins      May 13 (Mon) May 5 (Mon)
    Summer Science Institute Session I Begins May 20 (Mon) May 19 (Mon)
    Memorial Day (Classes do not meet) May 27 (Mon) May 26 (Mon)
    Summer Science Institute Session I Ends June 14 (Fri) June 13 (Fri)
    Summer Science Institute Session II Begins June 18 (Tues) June 17 (Mon)     
    MBA Session I Ends  June 22 (Sat) June 21 (Sat)
    MMME Summer Session I Begins June 24 (Mon) June 23 (Mon)
    MBA Session II Begins June 24 (Mon) June 23 (Mon)
    Traditional Undergraduate Session I Ends June 29 (Sat) June 28 (Sat)
    Traditional Undergraduate Session II Begins July 1 (Mon) June 30 (Mon) 
    July 4th (Classes do not meet) July 4 (Thurs) July 4 (Fri)
    MMME Summer Session I Ends July 12 (Fri) July 11 (Fri)
    Summer Science Institute Session II Ends July 15 (Mon) July 14 (Mon)
    MMME Summer Session II Begins July 15 (Mon) July 14 (Mon)
    MMME Summer Session II Ends July 26 (Fri) Aug 1 (Fri)
    MBA Session II Ends Aug 10 (Sat) Aug 9 (Sat)
    MSN Summer Session Ends Aug 17 (Sat) Aug 9 (Sat)
    Traditional Undergraduate Summer Session II Ends Aug 17 (Sat) Aug 16 (Wed)