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Academic Resources
  • We care about our students and believe learning happens everywhere. Classroom. Café. Dorm. Around the world.

    Honors Program

    Is your favorite question “why?” Your friends may call that annoying, but we call it intellectually curious. Find your home in our Honors Program.

    It’s not just more work – it’s different work. Weekly seminars, guest speakers, deep research projects round out activities like trips to the opera, tailgate parties and North Gallery hops. Find out if you make the cut.

    Study Abroad Program

    We know the world is shrinking. Globalization is more than just a buzzword. Prepare yourself to succeed across cultures with a semester abroad. No experience you’ve had so far will compare to how much you’ll grow during an international study adventure

    Make music in Hungary or Germany. Be a nursing exchange student in Sweden. Or take off to Wales, France, Austria or China via Central College Abroad. 

    Want to go somewhere else? Visit IIE Passport or Study Abroad for programs around the world. And you can use your financial aid to pay for your time away. You might even find a scholarship.


    You live online. We know it. Hey, we live online too. Not trying to be too cool, but check us out on Facebook

    Stay connected on campus with our super-fast internet access. We’ve got plenty of computer labs and buildings with wireless. Working on a video for your multimedia class? Visit a specialized computer lab for the latest digital imaging software. 

    Need more power? Geek out at the Advanced Computational Laboratory and Battelle Visualization Laboratory. Still not enough? Computational Studies students can use supercomputers at the Ohio Supercomputer Center.

    Undergraduate Research

    We know that getting involved in original research as an undergraduate can put you light-years ahead of the competition when it comes to graduate school. That’s why you’ll find opportunities for undergraduate projects in just about every field or major we offer.

    Other Services to Help You Succeed

    Academic Success – peer tutors help you study, write and think in subjects from business to writing.

    Josiah H. Blackmore Library - key to your research success. And as a member of the shared OhioLINK Catalog, you’ll have access to more than 40 million library items throughout the state.

    Summer Institute in Science and Mathematics - finish a year of science or math in only four weeks. Choose from 11 courses, including calculus, computational studies and organic chemistry.

    Career Development  - they help you figure out what you want to do, and how you can get there.

    Summer Session - pick up some credits or get ahead in your program by taking summer courses.