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Nursing Faculty Loan Program

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    Nurse Faculty Loan: Information Factsheet (PDF)

    Eligibility Requirements

    The United State Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Health Resources and Services Administration, Bureau of Health Professions, sponsor the Nurse Faculty Loan Program (NFLP). The purpose of the loan repayment program is to increase the number of qualified nursing faculty in the United States.

    It is the responsibility of the Capital University School of Nursing to determine that a loan applicant is eligible to participate in this program before any funds are awarded by Capital University. 

    The Capital University Finance Office administers the NFLP. 

    According to DHHS, the student must be: 

    • A U.S. citizen or national of the U.S.;
    • Be a full-time or part-time (3 semester hours) student in good standing in an advanced nurse education program at the School;
    • Have no judgment liens entered against him/her based on the default on a Federal debt.

     At Capital University  

    • Full-time is defined as a minimum of six (6) semester hours.
    • Good standing is defined as:
      • A G.P.A. of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale;
      • No outstanding fees or charges; and
      • No academic probation for any reason

     A one time, one semester leave of absence may be granted if approved by the faculty advisor and the director of the graduate program; 

    The School of Nursing will develop a budget with the student based upon individual need. 

    The estimate should be based on: 

    • The cost of tuition (the current cost per hour of credit times the number of credits that will be taken in one year);
    • The cost of textbooks that will be required for the courses up to $150 per course
    • A stipend of up to $300 for other academic-related costs (fees, thesis expense)

    The student should prepare a proposed schedule of classes with input from his/her advisor. Both the student and the advisor should sign the proposed schedule, which should then be submitted to the Director of the Graduate Program for approval. 

    Please direct questions to student services at 614-236-6345.