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ADN to MSN Program
  • ADN to MSN Program

    This accelerated program option is available to licensed RNs that have completed a non-nursing bachelor's degree, in addition to an associate degree in nursing. Each student will take 3 BSN bridge courses before starting graduate level work. 

    All applicants must meet MSN Admission requirements. Students WILL FOREGO a BSN degree with this option, receiving their MSN upon completion.

    Curriculum Plan


    •  BSN Bridge Courses
        - NURS 315 Foundations and Contemporary Issues for RNs
        - NURS 316 Nursing in a Multicultural Society  
        - NURS 415 Nursing of Families and Communities in RNs
                 Complete change of major form to declare concentration in MSN program

    • MSN Course Work
        - 12 - 14 courses (37 - 49 credit hours) depending on MSN concentration
                   - CNS, Education, Administration, Law, Theology