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Psychology Major
  • Psychology is the science of behavior and mental processes, encompassing both research - learning about human and animal behavior - and practice - applying knowledge to solve problems. Opportunities for work in this field are expanding in number and scope within psychology's many subfields. Learn more about the psychology curriculum.

    Psychology Major

    A strong liberal arts curriculum is an integral element of an undergraduate major in any of the behavioral sciences and a vital component of professional practice and lifelong learning. In addition to major requirements, students fulfill the undergraduate General Education goals and develop an individual degree plan of liberal arts and pre-professional electives.

    The fundamental goal of an undergraduate education in psychology is to teach students to think like scientists about individual and social behavior and to be able to use that knowledge and professional and personal settings.  Students graduating with a degree in psychology will be able to: 

    • Identify and describe psychological principles and theoretical perspectives;
    • Recognize and apply basic research methods in psychology, including research design, data analysis, and interpretation including the use of technology for these purposes;
    • Communicate effectively in a variety of formats and to a variety of audiences;
    • Relate the social and natural science aspects of psychology to personal, social and professional issues and situations;
    • Analyze how ethnic, cultural, social, and gender diversity affects individuals and social situations;
    • Demonstrate scientific thinking that was gained through practical research, laboratory, or field experience;
    • Identify, assess, and explain the ethical implications of issues and situations and act ethically;
    • Formulate realistic ideas about how to implement their psychological knowledge, skills, and values in occupational pursuits in a variety of settings   

    Course requirements for all majors and minors can be found in our online course bulletin.  

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