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Art History
  • Art provides a visible record of a culture’s imagination and its larger societal concerns. Art history examines this record through the employment of formal analysis and the location of works in a larger cultural and historical framework. This program offers a broad survey of the art of western and non-western cultures. Coursework, individual projects, and internships aim at developing students’ visual and analytical skills.

    A special feature of this minor is access to the collections of the university’s Schumacher Gallery, which offers a permanent collection of more than 2,500 works and encompasses 2,000 years of cultural history. It also offers a regular program of changing exhibits. Gallery internships provide experience in curatorial work, exhibit design, programming, and museum education.

    The art history minor prepares students for graduate study in art history and for professional work in museums, galleries, and arts management. This minor can be coordinated with a major in history, international studies, art therapy, or related areas of study such as public history/historic preservation.

    Course requirements, a complete listing of courses, and an explanation of our general education requirements, can be found in our online course bulletin.