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    What Students Say about Capital's BSN-Completion Program

    "I'm really liking the online courses. I really thought it would be difficult for me to focus, but because it's been more of an independent study, I feel like I've learned more in this setting than any class I can ever remember taking. The length of the program seems adequate, because you set your own pace and can control when you complete the program."

    "The main thing that drew me to Capital's Center for Lifelong Learning was the flexibility it offered to adult learners. I loved having class only one night every other week (pending taking only one class). It was convenient for students working days or nights."

    "I think the best part of the BSN program is the opportunity to meet colleagues from other areas of practice that you would not get to meet any other way."

    "I really like the biweekly class times because they made it easier to take more than one class. I could take one class one week and another the next."

    "Faculty feedback, support and assistance in writing papers were exceptional and helped me tremendously."

    "I especially appreciated the care and concern that each instructor has shown me."

    "I knew I could go to my adviser when I was stressed and she would help me through it."

    "What I learned added to my decision-making abilities and processes, improving the delivery and outcome of my patient care. I evaluate my work/care with broader perspective and a little deeper."

    "I have developed better leadership skills."

    "The BSN-Completion Program exceeded my expectations of [simply] becoming a graduate of Capital University. Every paper and/or presentation given during the three years challenged me and prepared me to be exceptionally thorough and concise when communicating with others in the health care arena."