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Business Internship FAQ
  • Where do I begin?

    Look at where you are in completing your course requirements. Talk with your academic adviser about incorporating an internship into your schedule. Students may receive 2-6 credit hours of business elective credit for their internship if it meets the criteria.

    Who can do a business internship?

    School of Management students who are seniors or second semester juniors who have already completed BUS 301 (Professional Development II) and receive permission from their academic advisor and their department’s internship advisor may participate.

    How do I find internship opportunities?

    Some resources include:

    • Career Development - Numerous online resources, guides to nationally known programs, resume reviewing, and interview tips; stopping by Career Development is a must for anyone looking for an internship.
    • Your Professors - Faculty members can tell you where students have interned in the past, or what companies might be in need of new interns.
    • Job Listings - While you wont find many internships in the want ads, local companies with entry level positions available can sometimes host interns in similar positions. Don’t be afraid to make phone calls.
    • Your Interests - Your internship can help you in many ways, and it can also be enjoyable! You might look at companies that interest you, or are at least already familiar with. Sports teams, clothing brands, music venues, non-profit organizations, or anything that you identify with - the more interested you are, the more you’ll get out of it.