Bexley Sewer Inspection May Produce Visible Smoke Near Campus Friday

Posted by Nichole Johnson |

Thursday, June 27, 2013

On behalf of the City of Bexley, EMH&T, an engineering, surveying and planning company, will perform a sanitary sewer inspection program in south Bexley Friday, June 27, that could produce visible colored smoke near manholes and sewers.

The company will inspect manholes and sewer lines using video and other methods, including smoke testing, as required by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. Smoke testing of the sewer is one way to locate sources of rain and groundwater that may be entering the sanitary sewer system.

All of Bexley south of Fair Avenue, including all of Capital University’s Bexley campus, will be included in this review. While you might see colored smoke coming from the sewer system, be assured the smoke is non-toxic, non-staining, and creates no fire hazard.

There is a noticeable odor associated with the smoke, which could cause mild irritation of the nose and throat if encountered in high concentrations. If any of these symptoms occur, please leave the affected area and notify the Office of Facilities Management at 236-6400. 

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