Safety Bulletin Update: October 9, 2013

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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Capital University's Safety Bulletin has been updated with information regarding a series of vehicle break-ins and thefts in the south Bexley area.

Police are investigating a series of thefts from vehicles and one stolen car in the south Bexley area during the last week. According to police, three vehicles were broken into and one was stolen from Village Creek Drive. Another three were broken into along Sheridan Avenue. In all cases, electronic devices and spare change have been taken.

To avoid becoming a victim, police advise that you:

  • Remove GPS and charger cables from view. 
  • Remove the circle from the suction cup that attaches the GPS to the windshield. 
  • Take anything of value with you when you leave your car. 
  • Report all suspicious people or vehicles around parking areas Capital police at 614-236-6666 immediately. 
  • Keep your vehicle locked and the windows rolled up tightly. 
  • Never leave your vehicle running when unattended. 
  • Keep spare keys in your wallet or purse, not inside the vehicle where a thief can easily find them. 
  • Keep a record of your vehicle identification number (VIN), registration plate number, and title certificate number. 

Crime prevention requires widespread involvement for it to succeed. The ultimate goal of the Department of Public Safety is to provide a safe and secure environment for the students, faculty and staff. If you have information about these or other campus safety issues, please contact Public Safety at 236-6666.

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