A Musical Segue Four Years in the Making

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Friday, November 15, 2013

News-Senior-Recital-175It all comes down to this. One recital. The recital. The culmination of four years' worth of intense study, training, mentorship and performance.

Several Capital University students will give their senior recitals this weekend. With these final recitals, they will complete their capstone experiences before a jury of three faculty members who judge their pre-recital hearings (in preparation) and then the recitals. This completion introduces the transition from Conservatory of Music student to Capital University graduate and the next phase of life.

"From the faculty perspective, this performance represents four years of study, assessment and artistic achievement," explained Lynn Roseberry, associate dean. 

"Our seniors prepare their recital months in advance and then they present the recital to their adjudication panel 2 weeks before the event," Tony Zilincik, associate professor of music, said. "The faculty on the panel make a recommendation to the student as to whether they can proceed with the recital. For all intents and purposes, this is when the recital is graded. We do this so that the student can enjoy the act of giving the recital."

Amanda Ferguson and John McClain will present their senior voice recitals at 6:30 and 8 pm Friday, November 15, in Mees Hall, respectively. Austin Brown will present his tuba recital Saturday, November 16, at 12:30 pm in Mees. On Sunday, November 17, at 4 pm, Will Roesch will perform his final tuba recital with two 30-piece brass bands, the 70-rank, 4,081-pipe Paul W. and Ella D. Hugus Memorial Pipe Organ and Capital's vocal chamber ensemble, Philomel. Roesch will take the stage with more than 100 performers, and his final selection will be his own composition — based on Capital's Alma Mater.

Performances are free and open to the public. For a complete list of recitals this weekend, please visit 


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