Keep Yourself Safe During the Holidays

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

News-Generic-Full-Van-500The holiday season is in full swing, and we want you to enjoy it to the fullest. Typically, crimes such as burglaries and thefts increase during the holidays. So, we’ve put together some tips you should remember to help keep yourself and your property safe during the holidays. 


Whether you’re studying for exams, finishing up your holiday shopping, or preparing for some time away from campus, here is a list of important things to keep in mind:

Before you leave campus

  • Regardless of whether you’re traveling or remaining on campus throughout the break period, please take extra care to safeguard your property and lock your room or office doors and windows when you leave. This also applies to students who live off campus.  
  • Take items of value with you for the holidays if you leave for an extended period of time. 
  • Don’t leave your keys or ID in your room. 
  • Put other items in your drawers and in your closet. Don’t leave them in plain sight. 
  • Take your laptop home. Don’t leave your laptop unsecured in your room or unattended at any time while you travel. 

When traveling, going our at night or shopping

  • Don’t display cash on the street, and be aware of your environment. 
  • When walking during evening hours, be aware of your surroundings and only walk in well-lit and populated areas. Try not to walk alone at night. If on campus, use the Campus Police escort by dialing 614-236-6666. 
  • If you’re on campus and you witness a crime, report a crime tip to Public Safety via text message. Submit your text to 67283 (set up a new contact on your cell phone for easy access.) Start your message with the keyword CUPD, followed by a space, and then type your message. Be sure to include location. Hit “send” and your message will go directly to Capital police dispatch. 
  • Travel smart. Make your travel arrangements responsibly and inform your family of your plans. Take a cab or shared-ride with a friend to the airport. 
  • Don’t overburden yourself by carrying bags that are too heavy and cumbersome. Pack lightly. You can’t be aware of your surroundings when your bags are blocking your view and slowing you down. 

Securing your vehicle 

  • Make your vehicle less of a target for thieves by removing all valuables from it, including personal paperwork (things with your name, address, phone number and other personal information). 
  • If removing items from your vehicle is not an option, keep them out of sight to deter criminals who “smash and grab,” breaking a window and stealing items left in consoles, cup-holders and on seats.  
  • Lock your doors and close your windows. 

In addition to taking these safety measures to protect yourself and your property, you can assist us in maintaining a safe campus environment by reporting suspicious activity to the Capital University Police at 236-6666.


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