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Phone Training

  • So you’ve chosen to make phone calls to accepted high school students. The phone calls will generally take place in late January/February to accepted students from your region. You will receive a list of names and phone numbers (10-20 students or less) to call. Calls to accepted students can assist him/her to know if Cap is the place for their next four years of life.

    Tips for Successful Calls

    • The best time to call is between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, or during the day on Saturday.
    • Prepare an opening statement or use the suggested script you will receive with the list of students to contact.
    • Refer to the admission office if they have any questions you cannot answer. (the admission number is 1-866-544-6175)
    • Smile when you are talking!
    • Take notes on the student information sheet to return to the CARE coordinator. If any concerns or questions arise, an admission counselor can call the student with the answer.
    • Be prepared for students:

      • who have nothing to say -- so ask questions
      • who say too much – talk as long as you want but also offer to call back again if you wish
      • who have questions you cannot answer -- jot down their question and return them to the CARE coordinator for follow up
      • with objections to Capital’s programs -- smile and listen, do not criticize another school if the student chooses to compare Cap with another university
    • If you find out the student will not be attending Capital, kindly ask what school they will be attending. If they don’t want to share this information with you, that is fine.
    • You may end up speaking with a parent instead. You may want to try to call back and reach the student at another time or just have a genuine conversation with the parent.
    • Relax – don’t follow the script exclusively. Be spontaneous and don’t make it sound like you are trying to make a hard sell.

    Once the calls are finished, what do I do?

    Please sign and date the information sheet so the coordinator knows when the contact was made. Even if you tried twice and only left messages both times, we want to know an attempt was made.
    Return all the call sheets to the CARE coordinator.