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CARE Program Volunteer Opportunities
  • College Fairs(Sept./Oct./Nov./March/April/May)

    Each fall and spring, Capital receives more invitations to college fairs than the staff can attend. To reach as many high school students as possible, CARE volunteers represent Capital at college fairs close to their hometown. Most fairs are designed like a job fair, with tables set up in a row and college representatives standing behind the table chatting with high school students who are shopping around for college information. College fairs are usually held in high school gymnasiums and last for 2 hours. If you are interested in attending a college fair you will be notified from the admission office if any fairs are located close to your town of residence. Before the college fair our office will ship you a box of Capital publications you can give to the students at the fair. The box will contain a training video.

    Emailing (ongoing)

    To keep with the times, emailing students is a quick way to congratulate them on their acceptance into Capital University and provide them with a link to our website. Include in your email an invitation to visit the campus and write about the activities you were involved in or why you chose your major at Capital. If you select this option we will email you a list of students and their email address from all areas of the country along with a sample email script.

    Phone Calls (Dec./Jan./Feb.)

    Telephone calls provide a personal touch to our accepted students. CARE volunteers will be mailed a list of 10-20 students who live close to their town of residence. You call them to congratulate them on their acceptance into Capital University and share your good experiences from Capital. A sample phone call script will be provided.

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    Questions? Contact the CARE Program Coordinator.
    Sara Thompson, Admission Office
    toll free: 1-866-544-6175