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Opportunities and Organizations in Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Chemistry Workshops

    In the first and second year of the curriculum, students gather in teams of 6-8 with a peer leader that has successfully completed the course. Students work together on activities and team problems designed by the instructor. Workshops build support groups that are important for first-year success. More information about chemistry workshops at  

    REEL Laboratories

    In General Chemistry, students complete relevant, research-based laboratories as part of a collaboration with schools throughout Ohio. Students choose their research problems and the outcome is unknown. These experiments model real science and prepare students for traditional research experiences. More information about the REEL program at

    Enhanced Laboratory

    Students take an enhanced laboratory (CHEM 102LE) in the spring semester of their first year. The experiments explore relevant problems using modern chemical instrumentation and prepare students for research experiences. Students are encouraged to present their results at a local or regional scientific meeting.

    Early Undergraduate Research

    First and second year students can begin independent research projects that are supervised by chemistry and biochemistry faculty. These experiences prepare students for summer research experiences and can result in presentations at national meetings.

    Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning

    In some advanced courses, the POGIL project uses teams in class to engage students in active learning. In addition to mastering concepts, students develop problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork and communication skills. More information about POGIL at