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Classroom Technology
  • Capital University has over 50 classrooms with presentation technology. The Office of Information Technology oversees and maintains all audio/visual components of each class. Most classrooms are equipped with selected media equipment. When scheduling classes, make note of the equipment available in each classroom. Classrooms equipped with a computer and projector have the capability to play DVDs, CDs and can stream audio and video on computers. As of January 2013, VHS technology is not supported in the classrooms. VHS to DVD conversions is available in the IT department. Contact IT for a consultation or visit VHS to DVD for detailed information.

    View a detailed listing of available presentation technology in each classroom.  All classrooms listed are equipped with projection screens and overhead transparency projectors unless noted otherwise.

    Turning Point Clickers

    Instructional Technology and Academic Support is currently piloting a project with TurningPoint audience response system, more commonly referred to simply as clickers. TurningPoint clickers enable an instructor to poll a class about things such as student opinions, understanding of subject matter, or even how many are present. Clickers can provide:

    • Projected graphical results to the students
    • Opportunity for discussion
    • Anonymity for students
    • Data that can be downloaded and evaluated at a later time
    • Data that can be integrated into iLearn 

    We currently have 89 clickers available for faculty to check out and use in a class. At the time of check out the faculty member must sign a waver taking full financial responsibility for the clicker set. Clickers may only be checked out for one class period at a time.  To check out the clicker set please contact the service desk at 236-6508. You may also send inquiries and questions to Wen-Li Feng at 236-7125 or

    Respondus Lockdown Browser

    Respondus Lockdown Browser is a special testing browser used to minimize the ability to cheat on a iLearn test. If an instructor requires Lockdown Browser for a test then that test can not be taken with any other browser (ie: Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome). 

    The Lockdown Browser only allows access to iLearn and will: 

    • Disable the ability to open any other program on the computer
    • Disable the ability to open a new window or tab in the browser
    • Disables all screen capture - no print screen
    • Disables all printing abilities

    All functionality returns to the user's computer after the Lockdown Browser is shut down.  The Lockdown Browser is available for students to use in most labs and on all of the laptop carts. You may also allow your students to download and install the browser on their own computers just contact IT to get the URL for the free download.

    Instructor Help Document (PDF)
    Student Help Document (PDF)