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Communication Studies Major
  • Our goal in the Department of Communication is to help students understand how human beings create and share meaning with each other and to be able to put that knowledge to good use in their everyday life.

    Excellent communication skills are valued components in leadership positions in business and professional areas. They also serve as an excellent preparatory base for post-graduate education.
    Many communication majors also complete majors in political science, psychology, and business to create a personalized profile of skills and knowledge for versatile use in a variety of fields.

    Pre-Professional Curriculum and National Honorary Society

    The communication major requires students to become involved in at least two different pre-professional areas within the communication department. Students may earn credit in pre-professional activities, such as intercollegiate debate or in activities offered within the programs in electronic media and film (formerly known as radio-television-film), theatre, organizational communication and public relations. Additionally, students with a solid academic record and a strong interest in the study of communication might want to explore the eligibility requirements for Lambda Pi Eta, the national communication honorary society.

    Course requirements for all majors and minors can be found in our online course bulletin.