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Advanced Computational Lab
  • The Advanced Computational Laboratory is housed in Battelle Hall and managed by the Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics departments.

    Faculty and undergraduates use this state-of-the-art facility to perform different types of complex computations, including:

    • Symbolic
    • Numeric
    • Graphical
    • Visualization
    • Parallel

    The ACL was established to:

    • Motivate students to pursue graduate studies
    • Foster and enhance undergraduate research
    • Prepare students for professional careers by improving their communication and research skills and exposing them to cutting-edge computing technology
    • Build partnerships with local companies and research centers through collaborative research projects
    • Serve as a model for similar programs at other liberal arts institutions
    • Integrate high-performance computing into the Computational Studies curriculum
    • Support the creation and dissemination of Internet tutorials for use with an array of software packages

    Advanced Computational Laboratory Hardware

    • Mac Minis that dual boot Windows 7 and OS X
    • Workstations networked with "fast Ethernet" for realistic simulations of parallel supercomputing

    Advanced Computational Laboratory Software

    • Maple – A computer algebra system for symbolic, numeric and graphical computations
    • MATLAB – A high-performance numeric engine for visualization and computation
    • Message Passing Interface (MPI) – A software library for parallel and high-performance computing
    • Visualization Toolkit (VTK) - An open-source toolkit for 3-D graphics visualization and animation
    • C++ – A compiler used for object-oriented programming
    • Python – An open-source, cross-platform, object oriented interpreted language
    • STELLA – A graphical modeling and simulation system

     This lab has been funded in part by:

    • The National Science Foundation
    • The W.M. Keck Foundation
    • Battelle Memorial Institute