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Counseling Services
  • Capital University students who are enrolled in at least one Capital University course are eligible for free counseling sessions during that semester. The center is staffed by a board certified clinical psychologist, licensed supervising professional clinical counselor, and counselor trainees. The center provides individual, relational and group counseling in addition to outreach programming and consultation services. Crisis counseling hours are available from 9 to 10 am Monday through Friday.    

    Schedule a counseling appointment by calling the CHW, or email Alyciana Delgado, Administrative Assistant, at adelgado@capital.eduWhile all attempts are made to keep email messages confidential, the confidentiality of electronically transmitted communication cannot be guaranteed.  

    • Capital University students enrolled in at least one course are eligible for unlimited, no-cost counseling sessions.
    • Individual, relationship, and group counseling services are provided.
    • Workshops, consultations, and outreach services are also available.  
    Common reasons students seek counseling services include:
    • homesickness 
    • depression 
    • anxiety 
    • substance abuse/misuse
    • academic/job struggles 
    • sleep concerns 
    • difficulties managing stress 
    • death of a loved one 
    • relationship concerns 
    • family conflict 
    • low self-esteem 
    Law students may seek counseling services at the CHW, or at the Law School's counseling office. Please call, email, or visit to make an appointment.

    Counseling Appointment Hours - Summer

    Monday-Thursday, 9 am-4 pm
    Friday, 9 am-3 pm

    Counseling Appointment Hours - Academic Year

    Monday, 10 am-5 pm (Bexley) 12 pm-6 pm (Law School)
    Tuesday, 10 am-7 pm (Bexley)
    Wednesday, 10 am-5 pm (Bexley) 2 pm-6 pm (Law School)
    Thursday, 10 am-7 pm (Bexley)
    Friday, 10 am-3 pm
    Hours may change, depending on holidays, school breaks or demand for services. 

    Crisis Counseling Hours - No appointment necessary

    Monday-Friday, 9-10 am (Bexley)