Cultural Organizations

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    Asian American Alliance 
    The Asian American Alliance (Triple "A") offers support to and advocates for students of Asian and Asian American descent.  The organization also promotes and educates the campus and wider communities about Asian culture, groups and pertinent issues.  While students of Asian and Asian American descent are highly encouraged to join, membership is open to all Capital students who have a vested interest in learning more about Asian culture and its contributions to American and world histories.

    Ebony Brotherhood Association 
    The Ebony Brotherhood Association (EBA) stimulates the ambition of its members and prepares them for the greatest usefulness in the cause of humanity, freedom and dignity.  The group encourages the highest degree of leadership and scholarship among its members.

    International Student Association 
    ISA provides international students with support, assistance, socialization and education.  The secondary purpose of the association is to educate American students about the culture and people of other nations.

    To promote tolerance and acceptance, regardless of perceived or actual sexual orientation. 

    Sister Network 
    Sister Network is a multicultural student organization that is committed to the success of all women.  We provide a place where women can talk about their personal and academic lives and can also bond like sisters.  We pride ourselves on being open-minded by co-sponsoring events with other organizations that will allow each group to fulfill their personal missions.  We value unity, academic success, distinction, professional development, and community service. 

    Students for the Advancement of Afrikan-American Culture 
    SAAAC aids in the educational, social, political and cultural advancement of students of color primarily on Capital University's campus.  The group promotes unity among people and allies of color and encourages high academic standards and greater campus involvement among its members.  One of SAAAC's main goals is to increase awareness of the concerns of the minority community through cultural and social programs open and to the greater campus community.  The group promotes dignity, pride, respect, fosters spiritual growth and involvement and aids in the recruitment and the retention of students of color.  SAAAC strongly encourages membership from the entire student body.

    Students of Latino Affinity 
    SOLA is a Latino awareness group that promotes Hispanic awareness with programs and social events that help bring more diversity to campus, echoing the largest minority in the United States today.  SOLA also works with other diverstiy groups on campus to further diversity on campus in general.

    Voice of Praise Gospel Choir 
    The Voices of Praise Gospel Choir is a multi-cultural aggregation of singers in the Capital Community. We believe in the power of the gift of music, which God has given to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to enhance student life by providing spiritual enrichment through the ministry of music. We endeavor to promote unity within the body of Christ, strengthen the institutional culture and further build constituency relationships.