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    Dining on Campus

  • Parkhurst Dining

    Personal Relationships ... Exceptional Culinary Experiences.

    Every day, Parkhurst Dining Services serves a variety of menu options tailored to the tastes of Capital’s campus community. The Capital Court Dining Room offers everything from Asian stir-fry, to American classics and a fresh salad bar. The One Main Cafe is our American grill and deli and The Mezz, located on the 3rd floor of the Harry C. Moores Campus Center, offers up made to order pizza, pasta, and salad concepts.

    Our Approach to Food

    Great food starts with the freshest ingredients. At Parkhurst this means:

    • Seasonal fresh vegetable options are offered daily
    • A minimum of five seasonal fresh whole fruits are offered daily
    • Beef that is USDA choice or above
    • Fresh cut French fries prepared daily at our grill


    When it comes to nutrition and taste, we don’t cut corners. That’s why we serve:

    • Mashed potatoes are made from scratch using fresh, whole, unpeeled potatoes.
    • Real dairy products are always used. No imitations are allowed.
    • Croutons freshly baked in-house. Stocks are used to make all soups and salad dressings made fresh in-house.


    Our commitment to quality extends to the way we prepare our food:

    • A minimum of eight fresh, non-processed, chilled vegetables will be available daily on our salad bar
    • Scratch cooking with a focus on fresh, local, non-processed ingredients
    • No MSG or food preservatives are added to any items produced in our kitchen
    • Foods are prepared to order, or cooked in small batches as close to service as possible, to ensure maximum flavor, nutrients, and freshness


    Mixing It Up

    We are always devising ways to make your dining experience more interesting through our special programs and services.

    Food for Special Needs

    Do you have specific dietary requirements? We can help you get what need and avoid what you don’t. While you’re in the Capital Court, watch for signs and labels that indicate:

    • Organic Ingredients
    • Dishes that contain peanuts or other potential allergens
    • Vegetarian selections
    • Gluten-free foods


    Our General Manager and Executive Chef are trained in allergens and other dietary substitutions. Please email sgreen630@capital.edu if you have any concerns or questions about our accomodations.

    At Parkhurst, our goal is to make every meal nutritious, satisfying and delicious. We look forward to serving you during your years at Capital.