• cmps
Enhance Academic Programming and Experience
  • As an institution of higher education, it’s our responsibility to advance every aspect of learning. Academic rigor, a high standard that’s held without exception, and scholarship should be expected. We will raise the intellectual energy by enhancing our programs of distinction, building on our strengths, and establishing a culture of learning and critical inquiry. 


    Task Force Members:

    Jennifer Adams, Thom Baggerman, Janet Blocher, Joe Bodine, Lynn Dailey, Dan Heaton, Ed Inch, Bill Kennedy, Dan Kobil, Barry Kopetz, Judi Macke, Shirley Mays, Sherry Peck, Maria Satre, Donna Schobel, Paige Shalter Bruening, Deb Shields, Alan Stam, David Summers, Robert Thorne, Gail Zugger