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Disability Services For Students
  • Students may confidentially request accommodations by providing documentation of their disability to the Coordinator of Disability Services. Such documentation often involves recent IEP information and information from licensed practitioners such as Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers, etc. Working as a team, students, faculty and Coordinator can then determine the most appropriate initial accommodations, and any subsequent modifications.

    Students have a choice of how they would like to inform new instructors of their accommodations. They may tell their instructors they are registered with Disability Services, and then mention the accommodations they have. Or the Coordinator of Disability Services can write a memo to each instructor with the same information. In any event, students are expected to make timely and appropriate disclosures and requests (at least six weeks in advance of a course, workshop, program, or activity for which accommodation is requested) or as soon as realistically possible.

    Persons who are denied accommodations may appeal the decision to the University Provost. 

    Disability Services Forms

    Students with disabilities who wish to receive assistance from the Office of Disability Services are responsible for disclosing their disability to the Office of Disability Services. Student should complete the following forms and return them to the Coordinator for Disability Services.
    Student Request for Accommodations
    Documentation Guidelines and Certificate of Professional Authority