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Student Assessment and Monitoring
  • The Student Assessment and Monitoring Committee assures that students admitted to programs will be successful in their programs and also in their professional roles. The Committee also provides monitoring, feedback, and support to candidates who may need additional help to be successful in the admission process or once in the program.


    • Review qualifications of candidates for admission into teacher education and student teaching to ensure that admission criteria are consistently and rigorously applied.
    • Review admission requirements in order to ensure that under-represented groups are attracted into professional education programs.
    • Systematically monitor the progress of students from their admission through completion of their education programs.
    • Act as a review board for student appeals, and make recommendations on the appeals to the Dean.
    • Review the process for evaluating students' credentials including proficiencies, competencies, and requirements prior to making a recommendation for licensure and/or graduation.

    Application for Admission to Teacher Education (PDF)
    Application for Admission to Student Teaching (PDF)
    SAM Petition (PDF)