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  • The Office of IT supports multiple labs across campus. If you don't own a computer or you just don't want to carry your own around campus, we've got you covered.  

    Using the Labs

    To use lab computers, just sign in with your Capital University username and password.
    Be sure to log out when you’re finished, to protect your personal information.
    If you have technical problems with a lab computer, contact the IT Help Desk, 614-236-6508614-236-6508 or

    When Can I Use the Lab?

    You are free to use most computer labs when they are available.  Keep in mind that some labs are both public and teaching labs, so availability may be limited during the week. 

    How Often Do you Check and Maintain Labs?

    A daily lab check is performed 3 times per day. Labs located in departments such as conservatory, computer science or education are not maintained by IT but by the department directly. Lab checks include filling the printer with paper; removing paper jams; adding toner to the printer; and checking each computer system for functionality. If a printer or computer system is not repairable during a lab check, a service request ticket will be created in our tracking system, FootPrints. A member of our advance technical support team will assess and make the necessary repairs. Contact IT if a computer system or a printer needs maintenance, 614-236-6508 or You may also enter a ticket directly in our tracking system, FootPrints

    Lab Software 

    All campus lab computers:

    Lab Schedule
     Location  Hours 

    Blackmore Library
    First and second floors 

    First Floor: Available 24/7

    Second Floor: Available During Library Hours
    College Avenue Hall
    Second floor
    Available 24/7 for Residents Only
    Cotterman Hall
    First floor
    Available 24/7 for Residents Only
    Digital Lab
    Lower level of Blackmore Library
    This is a Public and Teaching Lab
    Saylor - Ackermann Hall
    First floor
    Available 24/7 for Residents Only
    Schaaf Hall
    First floor
    Available 24/7 for Residents Only
    Lohman Complex
    Lower level
    Available 24/7 for Residents Only


    We do regular computer lab checks several times a day to keep the systems up and running, so you may find some lab computers unavailable.  If you notice that an IT computer lab requires maintenance, please contact the IT service desk at or 614-236-6508614-236-6508.