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Entrance Interviews & Promissory Notes
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    What are Entrance Interviews?

    Entrance counseling sessions are required for all Stafford and Perkins loan recipients. Student loans, like any other bank loan, must be repaid.
    Entrance counseling shows you how to manage your student loans, both during and after college. After completing entrance counseling, you will be required to sign a promissory note.

    How Do I Get an Interview?

    You can complete entrance counseling for Stafford and Perkins loans online, but your loan cannot be disbursed to you or Capital until you sign a promissory note.
    Nursing Loan recipients must complete an entrance questionnaire which will be prepared for you by Capital's Financial Aid Office. You will receive further instructions once you are on campus.

    What are Promissory Notes?

    Promissory notes are your promise to repay your loan. They are legal documents that describe your rights and obligations when you accept a federal loan.

    Promissory notes vary depending on the type of loan you receive.

    Stafford Promissory Notes

    Perkins Promissory Notes

    • Perkins Loan recipients must sign a promissory note on paper.
    • The note will be ready for new students at orientation.
    • Current students must sign their note in Capital's Financial Aid Office.
    • You must sign a new promissory note for each Perkins Loan you receive.

    All federal loans require promissory notes, including PLUS Loans for parents and Nursing Loans.

    • PLUS Loan recipients will receive a promissory note from the guarantor via postal mail. The promissory note must be signed and returned to the guarantor. A new promissory note is required with each new loan.
    • Nursing Loan recipients will sign their promissory note once they are on campus. A new promissory note is required with each new loan.