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From Home With Love
  • Parents know that out of sight does not mean out of mind.

    Share these special occasions with your student and remind them (again) that you're always thinking of them. Don't wait for the weekend to celebrate - order a From Home with Love package for that special day. 

    Please place your order with Conference Services at least two days prior to desired pickup.

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    Standard Packages

    Get a 10% discount on your overall purchase if you order all 6 packages below.

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    Autumn's Harvest 

    $21.00, available in September 

    There's a chill in the air, but getting this package from home will warm your student's heart. The Autumn's Harvest includes:

    • Four assorted tea bags
    • House-made trail mix
    • A caramel apple
    • Two peanut butter cracker snack packs
    • Two bottles of apple juice
    • Two pieces of fresh fruit

    Trick or Treat

    $18.00, available the third week in October 

    It's been a while since you held hands and made the rounds together on Halloween, but send your student this package and let them know that you wish that you still had first dibs at their candy. Packaged in a spooky pail, it includes:

    • Two granola bars
    • A bottle of water
    • Six Jack O'Lantern cookies
    • Two candy bars

    Santa's Hat Pack

    $19.00, available December 1-9

    Santa Claus is coming to town and he's bringing snacks to ease exam-induced stress.

    • Package of house-made hot chocolate with marshmallows
    • A holiday mug
    • 1/2 dozen assorted holiday cookies
    • Box of candy canes
    • A Santa hat

    Cupid's Valentine's Package

    $22.00, available February 1-14 

    Everyone secretly wishes to be remembered by someone on Valentines Day. Make your student's wish come true with:

    • Four Valentine's cupcakes (two chocolate, two vanilla)
    • One red rose
    • One heart-shaped box of candy

    Spring Break

    $20.00, available in February and March 

    Yes, we realize that there are at still a few more weeks of winter, but students need a break. Send your student a little dose of spring cheer and help chase the winter blahs away. 

    • Two IBC Root Beers
    • A bag of Swedish Fish
    • Two candy bars
    • Two cracker snack packs
    • One box of Cracker Jacks
    • One package of microwave popcorn

    Final Exams Survival Kit

    $25.00, available in December and April

    Your student is just one week away from having another year of college under their belt. Show your support and help them get through the home stretch with:

    • One can of Red Bull
    • One bottle of water
    • Two snack pack Pop Tarts
    • Two snack size chip bags
    • Two assorted cereal packs
    • Cru Brew coffee mug with coupon for a tall coffee

    Additional Packages

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    Happy Birthday Package

    $25.00, order anytime

    We don't sing - we bake. It's not the long-distance equivalent of having a swarm of exuberant wait staff embarrass you in a crowded restaurant, so we think the birthday guy or gal will actually appreciate it more. Includes:

    • 12" round personalized birthday cake
    • Candles
    • Party horns
    • Party hats
    • Napkins, forks, plates

    Just Thinking of You

    $12.00, order at least two days prior to requested delivery

    Remind your student that even though they're out of your sight, they're still on your mind. An unexpected package that appears for no particular reason at all brings unbelievable joy and a great excuse to call home. We can take phone orders for this package with as little as 2 days notice.

    • Two granola bars
    • A bag of Sour Patch Kids
    • A bag of Swedish Fish
    • Two bottles of water
    • Two pieces of fresh fruit

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    Seasonal Packages

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