Greek Recruitment

  • Learn How to Join Capital's Fraternity and Sorority Life Community 


    If you are interested in joining Greek Life here at Capital, Formal Sorority Recruitment is Labor Day Weekend! September 4-6th, more details will come about recruitment. Registration will be open on May 1st on   

    Capital University holds its Interfraternity Council (IFC) and Panhellenic Council Formal Recruitment (NPC) in the fall semester and informal recruitment in the spring. The National Pan-Hellenic Council or city-wide chapters (NPHC) participate in intake processes. Be sure to follow @CapitalFSL on Twitter and "Like" Fraternity and Sorority Life at Capital University on Facebook for up-to-date information!

    Below is a breakdown of each process:

    Panhellenic Council Formal Recruitment   

    Sorority Formal Recruitment is an intentional three day process for all women who register to get to know and engage with our four sororities. Each round allows for potential new members (PNMs) to learn more about each sorority and find their home within the Fraternity and Sorority Life community. After each round, a PNM will make their preference of what sororities to visit for the next round; the sororities will also turn in preferences and the next round invitations will be decided through a mutual selection. Formal recruitment will take place Thursday, September 11 through Saturday September 13 with Sunday, September 14 being Bid Day. Below is a breakdown of how each round/day of recruitment will work:

    • Round One: this round each PNM will be able to meet women in each sorority for 45 minutes. After this round PNMs will preference their top three sororities for mutual matching.
    • Round Two: during this round each PNM will visit at most three sororities for one hour. After this round PNMs will make another preference for their top two sororities for mutual matching.
    • Round Three: each PNM will visit at most their two sorority preferences for 75 minutes. When this round is complete PNMs will make their final preference for their remaining sororities (two is the maximum)
    • Bid Day: PNMs will find out what sorority they are matched with and begin their commitment of values-based living and sisterhood!

    During the Formal Recruitment process, PNMs will be guided by their Recruitment Guides, or Rho Gammas; these are women who have temporarily disassociated with their chapters to provide guidance to PNMs.

    Click here to register for Panhellenic Formal Recruitment and be sure to check out the registration page (Campus Director) for updates! Registration opens on Friday, May 1 and closes Wednesday, September 4 at 5pm. Remember, registration is $10 and can be paid at formal FSL events or in the Office of Student and Community Engagement located in the Harry C. Moores Student Union. If you have any questions, email or call 614-236-6901. 

    Interfraternity Council Formal Recruitment

    Fraternities on campus will hold events at specific locations. The fraternities on campus will use time during these events to get to know potential new members, share what they have done as a chapter, and showcase the meaning of brotherhood and how joining a Greek lettered organization can make you a better person. Bid Day for IFC fraternities is Friday, September 18 in which a PNM can formally sign a bid of membership for a fraternity. PNMs cannot sign bids until that date and after. Below are formal recruitment events for each fraternity:

    Alpha Sigma Phi 

    • Tues. Aug. 25th - Cook Out, Schaaf Lawn, at 6:30pm
    • Thurs. Sept. 3rd - Service Event at Ronald McDonald House or Humane Society in Columbus, time TBD.
    • Sat. Sept. 12th - Sand Volleyball and BBQ, Schaaf Lawn, 3pm

    • Mon. Sept. 14th - Bowling Night, Meet in the Student Union Lobby, 7pm 

    • Tues. Sept. 15th- Casino and Cigars Night, Schneider North, 7 pm
    • Wed. Sept. 16th- Sig Talk and Cane's Chicken, Schneider North, 7pm  

    Kappa Sigma 

    • Fri. Aug. 28th - Buffett Bash/Luau Theme, Schaaf Lawn, at 7pm
    • Sat. Sept. 5th – Crawfish Boil/Southern Theme, Soccer Field, at 7pm
    • Tues. Sept. 8th – Night of 1000 Nugget, Time and Location TBD 

    Phi Mu Alpha

    • Sat. Aug. 29th - Karaoke Night, Location TBD, 6 pm

    • Thurs. Sept. 4th - Magic Mountain Outing, Magic Mountain, 6 pm
    • Wed. Sept. 9th - Q&A Session, Location TBD, 6 pm

    Phi Kappa Psi 

    • Thurs. Aug. 27th - Root Beer and BBQ, Lohman Courtyard, 4-7pm
    • Mon. Sept. 7 : Flag Football Game and Monday Night Football, Jeffrey Lawn/Phi Kappa Psi House, 6pm)
    • Fri. Sept. 11th – Military Night Off Campus, Meet up location TBD, 4pm 
    • Tues. Sept. 15th – Invite Only Dinner, Phi Kappa Psi House, 8pm
    • Thurs. Sept. 17 - Cookout with live DJ, Phi Psi House, 5pm

    Sigma Alpha Beta 

    • Wed. August 26th - Philanthropy: Charity Water, Sigma Alpha Beta Organization Room, 6pm
    • Tues. Sept. 1st - Pacman and Pizza, Schneider North, 7pm
    • Sat. Sept. 12th – “Let's Owl go to the Zoo!", Meeting at 10:30am in Student Union Lobby, back by 2:30
    • Mon. Sept. 14th - "S-A-Bowl"-Holiday Lanes, Meeting in SU Lobby at 6:30, back by 9:30
    • Thurs. September 17th - "Breakfast with the Betas", LC 202, 7pm

    If you have questions, contact or call 614-236-6901..

    National Pan-Hellenic Council/City-Wide Chapters    

    Our National Pan-Hellenic Council or City-Wide chapters conduct membership intake. These chapters will have open forums and events for students interested in membership. Once you have decided which organization to join, notify the fraternity or sorority of your decision and they will let you know how to join. Each organization has its own processes. If you have questions, contact or call 614-236-6901. 

    Informal Recruitment Process

    During the spring or after Fall Formal Recruitment, our NPC and IFC fraternities and sororities hold informal recruitment. Chapters will host events to engage potential new members and introduce them to Fraternity and Sorority Life and specific chapters within the community. Different than formal recruitment, this process does not involve structured rounds or schedules, but offers a more laid back atmosphere in which members and interested students can interact and get to know one another. Chapters may extend bids to individuals at any time during this process. Individuals have up to one calendar year to accept or deny a bid.