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    • The ability to interpret history allows us to acquire insights into patterns and trends so that the past can be made relevant to the present.

      History is the study of the record of the human past. At Capital, students acquire knowledge of a wide range of historical eras and then develop the analytical ability to assess and synthesize historical data and historical interpretations.

      What You'll Learn

      Course Offerings and Faculty Expertise

      The history faculty is dedicated, caring and committed to excellence in teaching and academic advising. The department offers a wide range of history courses and specialists to teach them. Explore our program and course listings in our online course bulletin.

      Capital offers a variety of programs for students who wish to pursue the field of history, including the standard history major and the history major and education through the social studies licensure program. By completing the history major, taking additional social studies courses and fulfilling education requirements, you could become licensed by the state of Ohio to teach in grades 7-12. 

      Our courses and faculty expertise include American history, Civil War, Constitutional history, 1960s and Vietnam history, African-American, Native American and women’s history, European history, ancient and medieval history, Renaissance and Reformation, English history, Russian history, and international course offerings of the histories of Africa, Middle East, Latin America, China and Japan.

      We also offer minors in art history and historic preservation. These include an internship with a historical society, art gallery, museum or archive, many of which are located in Downtown Columbus, just a few miles from Capital's campus. All history majors are encouraged to take advantage of the excellent internship opportunities in Columbus or through The Washington Center in the nation’s capital. A semester overseas also is available through the International Education Office.

      Where You'll Go: Careers and Placement

      Employers value history majors because they are capable of organizing and analyzing information. With a degree in history from Capital, our graduates are prepared to enter many fields, including business, education, museums, archives, historical society work, politics, journalism and foreign service. They're also well-prepared to pursue advanced degrees in professions such as law (Did we mention we have a Law School?), or to go into government work.

      Here's what some of our graduates are doing now:

      • Teacher
      • Librarian
      • Editorial Assistant
      • Senior Trust Officer
      • Lawyer
      • Professor
      • Pastor
      • Archivist
      • Administration: State Government