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iLearn for Faculty
  • What is iLearn? 

    iLearn is the university's online learning management system. iLearn can help you create blended and hybrid courses with interactivity tools such as discussion forums, chats or wikis. Using iLearn for teaching is easy and makes learning fun, effective and interesting. You can access the iLearn system at any time or day. 

    Where can I go for help?

    There are a variety of ways to get help with iLearn if you need it. Moodle Docs is a great place to start to access relevant documentation. iLearn is built on a Moodle platform and a lot of the training and help documentation is right on the page you are viewing. At the bottom of most iLearn pages is a Moodle Docs for this Page link. Clicking on this link will take you to the publically available documentation on For basic general questions about iLearn, contact the IT service desk via email at or telephone at 236-6508. If you would like to make an appointment for a one-on-one training session, please email:

    Do you offer training for iLearn?

    Yes, the office of information technology offers workshop trainings to help you make full use of the iLearn system.  All workshops are a part of the CELT Learning Series.  If you are unable to make any of the workshops but still need help, please call 236-6508 to schedule a meeting with Autummn Caines.    

    Help Documents for iLearn

    Use these documents as a guide to help you in the iLearn system. You can also self-enroll into the online iLearn faculty training course. Sign into the iLearn system and click on the Getting Started with iLearn link to enroll.  If you have questions or need additional help, please contact the IT Service Desk via email: or telephone: 236-6508.                                                                       

    Making your course available to students  Enrolling users in your iLearn course 
      Go to the iLearn Faculty Training Course Online 
    Using the attendance tool in iLearn  iLearn help directory document