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About the Language Requirement

  • All undergraduate degrees require study of a foreign language (see each curricular plan for number of semesters) except the following:

    • Business
    • Accounting
    • Marketing
    • Financial Economics
    • Leadership and Management
    • Center for Lifelong Learning degree-completion students
    • Conservatory degrees except BM Vocal Performance
    • Nursing BSN

    What does the language requirement entail?

    The language requirement consists of two 4 semester-hour courses in the same language, either by taking the courses or by obtaining a proficiency waiver for them via the online placement exam.

    How is placement determined for first-year students?

    First-year students take the placement exam online prior to registration. CAPE (Computer Assisted Proficiency Exams) for French, German, Russian, and Spanish are also on the 25 computers in Capital’s digitalized language laboratory. Lab director Professor Marie-Madeleine Stey or the lab assistant on duty will assist students and have them print their scores.

    Students with an Advanced Placement (AP) score of 3 or higher in a high school language course are exempt from the A&S language requirement and will receive academic credit for French or Spanish 310 (Oral and Written Communication I) in the case of these languages; with an AP score or 3 or more in another language, students will, be exempt from the language requirement and will be given credit for an elective.

    Transfer credit equivalent to at least 3 semester hours per course will be accepted for the courses in question (elementary I and/or II) provided the grade for the courses is C- or better; according to current university policy.

    The Department of World Languages and Cultures uses the BYU computerized placement exams.

    What about transfer students?

    Transfer students are subject to the language requirement if it is required by their major.

    Can any academic credit be awarded?

    Students who receive a waiver for the placement exam and complete Intermediate I (220) or a higher numbered course in the same language with a grade of C+ or better will receive 8 hours of academic credit for Elementary I (110) and II (111) at no cost to them.

    Are there any exceptions to the language requirement?

    Students with a documented learning disability may substitute two choices from a list of 19 courses in Art, English, History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Religion. Three-hour courses will be accepted as the four-hour equivalent. A student whose native language is other than English is exempt from the language requirement unless it is required by the major itself.