Learning Series

  • The CELT Learning Series is designed to offer a variety of workshops using the Learn, Share and Explore tracks. Besides these scheduled workshops the members of CELT are available by appointment to help you with your individual needs.

    The CELT Learning Series is composed of workshops that are defined by three tracks: Learn, Share and Explore.


    Workshops on the Learn track are hands on workshops designed for participants to learn about subjects that currently have support structures in place by the university. These offerings will include informative workshops in the areas of technology, grants, instructional design, and student learning.


    Offerings in the share track will be presented by faculty or staff members wishing to share a teaching, advising, or organizational practice that they have found to be effective in their own work. If you are interested in delivering a workshop in the Share track then let us know about it.


    The Explore track will be composed of workshops and discussion groups around subjects for which the university does not have complete support structures in place. The explore track is intended to be a forward looking track that allows an avenue for creative dialog about current trends in the world at large that will affect higher education teaching and learning.

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    Workshop Schedule

    To sign-up for one of these workshops please email Registrants will receive an email notification of their registration with room location. Communication prior to specific workshops, including preliminary information, room updates, and cancellations, will be via email to those that register. To view a listing of previous workshops visit our prior semester learning series page - some of these have recordings.

    The following is a list of faculty orientation workshops that are open to all faculty. 

    Interpreting IDEA and Creating a Portfolio for FEC  1/29
    2:00-2:50 pm
    BLIB 110 Learn Andrea M. Karkowski will help instructors interpret and document their IDEA scores and talk about strategies to improve teaching and learning. Representatives from the College Faculty Evaluation Committee (FEC) will discuss how to create an online portfolio for FEC review.
    Schumacher Gallery and Liberal Education  2/19
    2:00-2:50 pm
    BLIB 110 Learn David Gentilini will talk about the work of Schumacher Gallery. A representative from the general education committee will describe the role of general education as well as how faculty can contribute to general education, and in particular UC 100, the First Year Seminar (FYS). 
    Academic Advising  3/18
    2:00-2:50 pm
    BLIB 110 Learn Jody Fournier will highlight the importance of Academic Advising. Some of Capital University’s best academic advisors will describe how they connect with students outside of the classroom and particularly in their role as academic advisors. This session is designed for faculty who are new to academic advising or who are less experienced with advising; however, all faculty are welcome.

     Besides these workshops which are at a specific time we are looking to customize a time/date for workshops around the following topics.

    • CreativeCommons 
    • Synchronous communication tools
    • Developing an online personal learning network

    Please contact to express your interest in these topics and we will gather dates and times that work for those interested. We are open to holding more than one workshop on these topics to accommodate everyone’s schedule.

    Do you have another topic that you are interesting in having CELT do a workshop around? Tell us about it. We are more than happy to do one-on-one consultations or to come to department meetings to deliver specialized workshops. You can also develop a workshop and we will help you promote it. Just email us at