MSN Legal Studies Concentrate

    Legal Studies concentrate student must take the following courses and complete a minimum of 38 semester hours to graduate. Students in this program will be prepared for various administrative, risk management, quality assurance, policy implementation roles within a healthcare setting.

    Graduate Core

    Statistics: NURS 500 Nursing Statistics
    Organizational Behavior: MBA 613 Organizational Behavior
    Ethics: IDS 693 Healthcare, Promo, Policy, Ethics

    Nursing Core 

    NURS 510 Nursing Science & Theory
    NURS 520 Advanced Nursing Research
    NURS 530 Nursing Informatics

    Concentrate Core

    LAW 822 Health Law*
    LAW 730 Medical Liability*
    LAW 755 Family Law*

    Clinical & Capstone

    NURS 755 Role Development in Advance Practice Nursing
    NURS 765 Program Development in Changing Healthcare System
    NURS 770 Thesis
    NURS 772-773 Exam

    Legal Studies Sample Schedule

    * Course options with advisor approval