• Liberal arts education
Liberal Learning
  • Our information and knowledge economy calls for those who can make connections, those “creative and emphatic right-brain” thinkers – inventors, teachers, designers and storytellers.


    But this is nothing new to us. Capital’s strong liberal education has always readied the mind and spirit for every arena of life--the workplace, the home, the market, houses of worship and town halls.


    A successful college career is a collection of facts, ideas, experiences and skills that interconnect in mind-boggling ways. You’ll find yourself using something you learned about the Boxer Rebellion in your marketing class, a principle of physics in your communications seminar and even Picasso’s abstract art in your computer science class. And those interconnections create a foundation that will allow you to succeed in every stage of your life beyond Capital.


    We help students think critically and reflect on vocation, citizenship, service and religious and ethical commitments. And we don’t forget play, wonder, and travel for life-long learning.


    To meet these goals and prepare our students to be world citizens, we’ve organized our General Education program around five central themes:

    • Intellectual Skills
    • Living in the Contemporary World
    • Modes of Inquiry
    • Interpreting Texts and Images
    • Ethical Thought