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Careers in Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics
  • Upon graduation, some majors continue their study in graduate school, some find employment in mathematically-oriented jobs in business or industry, and some teach in secondary schools. Still others choose careers or professional graduate programs not obviously related to their major. All benefit from the ability they have acquired to think quantitatively and rigorously, to solve problems, and to apply abstract reasoning to concrete situations; and all benefit from the simple fact that they have demonstrated to future employers their ability to succeed in a difficult field.


    Our Alumni hold positions including:

    • Secondary School Teachers
    • Research and Development Managers
    • Design Engineers
    • Vice Presidents and Controllers
    • Materials Managers
    • Doing actuarial and computational finance work

    They work in organizations as diverse as:

    • Public and private school systems
    • Eastman Kodak
    • The NutraSweet Company
    • GE Lighting System
    • AT&T Information Systems
    • FirStar Bank
    • Daytronic Corporation
    • IBM
    • AT&T
    • State of Ohio
    • Battelle Memorial Institute
    • Cynergy

    Computer Science

    The university's location in the state's capital allows many computer science majors to take advantage of the city's business and technological opportunities through internships and part-time employment. Capital students have participated in cooperative programs with such companies as Chemical Abstracts Services, Sterling Commerce, Nationwide and the Defense Supply Center Columbus. Capital students also serve as laboratory supervisors and Information Technology assistants on campus.

    Graduates of Capital's computer science programs have been very successful, whether they have attended graduate school or entered the work force. Many of today's careers require the ability to solve problems, and a major from this department helps develop that ability.
    Some of the occupations available to Capital's computer science majors are: teaching, systems analysis, quality control, industrial engineering, research, weather forecasting, programming, networking and information systems.

    Our Alumni hold positions including:

    • Software Project Director
    • Programmer/Analyst
    • Director of Network Services
    • Systems Administrator
    • Computer Systems Manager
    • MIS Technical Analyst

    And they are working at companies as diverse as:

    • Defense Logistic Agency
    • Columbia Gas
    • Digital Equipment Corporation
    • AEP
    • McKesson
    • Microsoft
    • IBM
    • Ohio Arts Council
    • Nationwide
    • L & W Engineering
    • Capital University
    • Sterling Software
    • Lucent Technologies