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  • There are 20 student ensembles in Capital's Conservatory of Music. But only one lets you go from Palestrina to Pink Floyd without missing a beat.

    It's the Capital University MIDI Band. And it's an amazing way to flex your musical muscle, compose pieces that get performed across the country, and learn the high-tech art of live electronic music performance and mixing.

    Capital's MIDI Band was one of the first university bands of its kind in the world. Read more about MIDI Band history.

    Want to hear what we sound like? Listen to tracks from our new CD release, Sessions and Sequences.

    What is MIDI?

    The Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) is a protocol that links electronic instruments with synthesizers and computers to create an endless variety of sounds, notes and rhythms. Read about our high-tech gear for making music.

    Using MIDI technology, you can play every instrument ever created using a single instrument interface. You can trigger drum sounds from the MIDI guitar or alien voices from the MIDI trumpet. You can even play instruments that haven't been invented yet and create sounds that have never been heard before.

    Both live and in the studio, the MIDI Band is a rewarding creative outlet for:

    • Musicians – Band members play both composed and improvised music on a wide variety of electronic instruments.
    • Engineers – Sound F/X engineers fine-tune our pieces and add sequences and pre-recorded audio to the MIDI Band's live performances.
    • Composers – The band performs and records works of all types written by Conservatory students and faculty as well as commissioned composers.


    The MIDI Band grooves on improvisation. 

    Showing Our Stuff through Live Performances

    The MIDI Band is at its best in front of an audience. Over the years, we've played at:


    Read what our band members say about the experience of playing with Capital's MIDI Band.

    Interested in learning more about the MIDI Band? Contact:
    Chad Loughrige
    (614) 236-6291

    Music Technology Major