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Conservatory of Music Departments
  • The Conservatory of Music at Capital University operates through four distinct areas. 


    The Foundations Area of the Conservatory comprises courses of study that serve as a foundation to all music degree programs. These courses are designed to develop fundamental music skills and knowledge of music for all music students. These classes include studies in Music Theory, Aural Training (Audiation), Literature, History, Conducting, Music Software, World Music, and Class Keyboard. Visit the Musicianship and Audiation Homepage.

    Music Business and Technology Studies

    The Music Business and Industry Studies program at Capital’s Conservatory of Music offers diverse degrees in the areas of Music Industry and is home to Capital’s renowned Music Technology degree, which utilizes state-of-the-art equipment in the Conservatory's recording studios. In addition to valuable class and studio time, each degree offered out of the Music Business and Technology Studies program boasts extensive real-world experience through professional internships in the industry and through a partnership with The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe.

    Music Education


    The Department of Music Education is fully committed to the development of quality teachers. Our approach to teaching choral, instrumental, and general music has always relied on our experienced faculty successfully demonstrating tried and true, as well as current teaching techniques. The over-all curriculum combines the rigor of conservatory training with a solid foundation in educational methodology. The program also includes many early observational opportunities that lead our individual seniors to participate in a student teaching experience during their final year. This 14-week residency program, with additional feedback from faculty and public school teachers, is the culmination of the degree leading to teacher licensure. Capital’s Conservatory of Music has established a reputation across Ohio, and beyond, for the consistent high quality of its graduates, both as musicians and as educators.



    The Performance area within Capital’s Conservatory of Music combines a meticulous course curriculum with flexibility to offer students a personalized Performance degree. Capital’s high standards and small size present a Conservatory atmosphere that is competitive, yet full of opportunity. Students in the Performance area are able to play in numerous performing ensembles and study with faculty of the highest caliber, all while experiencing the enrichment of a superior music education and the performance opportunities present in a city the size of Columbus.
    Bass | Bassoon | Clarinet | Composition | Flute | Guitar | Horn | Jazz Studies | Keyboard | Oboe | Percussion | Strings | Trombone and Euphonium | Trumpet | Tuba | Voice