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Music Technology Major
  • The Music Technology Area offers two program options for our students: B.M. Music Technology and B.A.P.S. Music Technology. The outcomes of the two degrees are very similar – to provide a diverse curriculum in Music Technology that prepares students for an exciting career in multiple areas.  Below are some of the differences between the degrees:

  • Click on the links below to access detailed information on the two degrees, learn about our facilities, and hear from past and present students.


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    • Audition on a primary instrument or voice required • Audition is not required
    • In-depth study in Music Technology • In-depth study in Music Technology
    Conservatory of Music Core Curriculum  Minor in an outside field 
    • University Core Curriculum • University Core Curriculum

    NASM accredited degree program 

    This degree does not fall under the purview of NASM 



  • For more information about Capital's Music Technology degrees, contact:  

    Chad Loughrige

    Music Technology Area, Head

    (614) 236-6291